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Chilli Tortilla

Design for the commercial fit out of a Mexican Burrito and Taco restaurant in Altrincham.


EOHMA were approached by Chilli Tortilla Ltd as they embarked on a new startup concept for a Burrito and Taco restaurant. The owner sought  to fit out a commercial unit to accommodate space for seating customers, preparing, cooking and serving delicious Mexican cuisine. EOHMA supported primarily by consulting with the company to develop a brand identity for the restaurant. The design ideas were translated into drawings which were incorporated within the lease contracts and used as a tool to communicate the restaurant layout and finishes to the builders.


The restaurant was to feel authentic and Mexican. The main entrance is bright and airy. Eye catching wall art references mountaintops, nature and the vivid colours of Mexico creating the sense of walking into a tropical garden. Adhoc planting and bric a brac was selected to create a laid back atmosphere that celebrated materials that were raw and natural. White bricks also helped to reflect daylight around the space.  


A mix of low and high seating creates an undulating space with integrated privacy. Again, white paint was used on the back to basics bench seating, accented with inviting colourful cushions which are stylish yet simple. A series of spotlights highlight the main access through to the servery. The counter wall is finished in a feature striking red and white herringbone metro brick. 

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