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Land Feasibility 

EOHMA offer land feasibility services for developers and property investors at the early stages of their projects.  The studio carry out desktop research, develop early sketch proposals in line with your aspirations to increase the value of the site. We work with both existing building conversions and on brownfield land plots.

EOHMA have developing relationships with private and commercial investors and are keen to test new methods of finance including crowdfunding. At the early stages of the process Eohma offer a service to assist with understanding the feasibility of a project on a site. The service includes site analysis, survey (if required) and producing options for site usage. 

Eohma work with a range of freelance professionals that can deliver from feasibility through to support with full planning applications.  

EOHMA value developing rich personal relationships that stand the test of time.  Property development is a long term business with many risks as well as rewards. We want to ensure that we are the right fit for you and likewise you are the right fit for us.


Have a project in mind?

Feel free to and we will be happy to have a chat. 


Land Feasibility Study - (Joint Venture Projects)


Initial Consultancy

  • A chat with an architect for an hour or two about your specific project to gain insight into the key things you will need  to consider.

Design Feasibility Consultation

  • Desktop Analysis of Site (Site Visit if required)

  • Collation of site background analysis, planning history search. 

  • Site Analysis - Orientation considerations, Scale,  

  • Development of early sketch options of massing with client (Informed by planning policies)

  • Early layout considerations in line with cashflow forecasting and sale ability.


  • Development of clear brief for project that can be used for investor presentation proposal. 


  • Preparation of documents and Planning Submission 


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