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EOHMA was commissioned to design a bespoke extension for the Flixton Residence to meet the client's brief. From the outset we thought about the organisation of space, flows, storage and function as key drivers for the interior design. We employed a robust pallet of materials including concrete, wood, glass and steel inspired by the industrial Manchester Mill aesthetic much loved by the clients. We referenced the design of 1980’s industrial hacienda which was important to the client. The result was a timeless piece that would become more beautiful with age.  ​ Particularly successful about this project is the transition between the old house and new, we used glazing to provide visual continuity from the front of the home to the rear.


The kitchen extension and basement conversions has added much needed space to the property , together with underfloor heating and picture window. The details on this project were clean and resolved, stunningly captured in this short film produced by Manchester's renowned ShortForm Media.   

Video Production: ShortForm Media


Music: To Build A Home The Cinematic Orchestra


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