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Renovate or Relocate?

Home is where the heart is, but it's also a significant investment. When the walls start to close in, and your living space no longer suits your needs, it's time to decide: should you renovate or relocate? This decision can be as challenging as it is exciting, but fear not – we're here to guide you through the maze of options...

Initial Assessment: Define Your Goals and Priorities

Meet Jane and John, a couple living in a charming but cramped two-bedroom cottage. They're expecting their second child, and the need for more space is pressing. Before they dive into the decision-making process, they take a step back to understand their goals and priorities. Jane and John prioritise a comfortable living space for their growing family, and they value their current neighbourhood. Their budget for housing changes is around £150,000.

1. Evaluate Your Current Home

Assess your existing property's condition and layout. For Jane and John, they look at their cottage's structural integrity and available space. They realise that their cottage is in good condition but lacks the space for an additional bedroom.

2. Research the Real Estate Market

Jane and John need to find out what their current home is worth and explore the market for potential new properties in their area. The current market value of their cottage is £250,000, and they find larger homes in their neighbourhood selling for around £350,000.

3. Calculate Renovation Costs

Obtain estimates for the proposed renovations. Jane and John consult contractors for quotes on adding an extra bedroom. The estimated cost for the bedroom addition is £40,000.

4. Consider Lifestyle and Comfort

The couple reflects on their lifestyle and comfort. They love their neighbourhood but feel cramped in their home. Jane and John conclude that staying in their current neighbourhood is crucial, but they need more space to enhance their comfort.

5. Make a Decision

Jane and John weigh the pros and cons. They are attached to their neighbourhood, and the cost of renovations seems reasonable compared to moving. The couple leans towards renovation due to the emotional and financial benefits of staying in their current home.

6. Take Action

Jane and John decide to renovate. They hire contractors, create a renovation plan, and start the project. With £150,000, they are confident in their ability to make their home more comfortable for their growing family.

In this worked example, we've walked through the decision-making process of Jane and John, who opted for a renovation. However, every homeowner's situation is unique. Your decision should be based on your specific goals, budget, and circumstances.

If you find yourself in a similar position, the guide above can help you navigate the challenging decision of whether to renovate or relocate. It's a journey that involves careful consideration, reflection, and an understanding of your long-term plans. By taking these steps, you'll be well on your way to making the best choice for your home, whether that means creating your dream space right where your heart is or setting out on a new adventure in a fresh and exciting place.

The Decision to Renovate:

Opting for renovation can be a rewarding choice. Here's a closer look at what you need to consider when choosing to renovate:

  1. Budget Smartly: As with Jane and John, establish a clear budget for your renovation project. Be sure to factor in a contingency fund for unexpected expenses. Consider how you will finance the project, whether through savings, loans, or a combination.

  2. Plan Thoughtfully: Work with architects and contractors to create a detailed renovation plan. It's essential to outline your goals, timelines, and the specific changes you want to make. Efficient planning can help ensure the project stays on track.

  3. Check Regulations and Permissions: Understand the local planning regulations and building regulations in your area. Secure the necessary permissions for your renovation to avoid legal issues down the road.

  4. Monitor Progress: Keep a close eye on the renovation project's progress to ensure it aligns with your goals and stays within the budget. Effective communication with contractors is key.

The Decision to Relocate:

If you decide to move, here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Timing is Crucial: Timing the sale of your current home and the purchase of a new one is critical. Seek the guidance of an estate agent to ensure a smooth transition.

  2. Costs Beyond the Purchase Price: Don't forget to factor in costs beyond the new home's purchase price. These may include legal fees, stamp duty, moving expenses, real estate agent fees, and any repairs or renovations needed in the new property.

  3. Stress and Emotional Impact: Moving can be emotionally taxing, especially if you're attached to your current home and neighbourhood. Be prepared for this aspect and consider how it may affect your family.

  4. Neighbourhood Research: Ensure that the new neighbourhood matches your desired lifestyle and meets your family's needs. Consider proximity to schools, work, and amenities.

In the end, whether you're leaning towards renovating your current home or embarking on a journey to find a new place to call home, remember that the choice should resonate with your unique aspirations and lifestyle. The example of Jane and John provides a glimpse into the process, but your situation may differ. Take your time, weigh the pros and cons carefully, and align your decision with your long-term goals and financial stability. Whether you choose to renovate and create the dream space you've always wanted within your current home or embark on the exciting adventure of finding a new place to call home, remember that the most important thing is that you're making a choice that aligns with your unique circumstances and aspirations.

If you find yourself at this pivotal crossroads and require expert guidance to make the right decision, EOHMA is here to help. Our dedicated team of professionals is experienced in crafting personalised solutions that align with your dreams and financial considerations. We're just a call away to turn your visions into reality, making your home the sanctuary you've always dreamed of. Get in touch with us today and let's transform your space, together.


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