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Do I Need An Architect If My Project Doesn’t Need Planning?

It is correct that hiring an Architect will hugely increase your chance of getting your planning approved. Often, however, people can make the incorrect assumption that they only need the services of an Architect when they need planning permission.

Here is an important note;

The question of whether you need planning or not is not synonymous with whether you need an Architect or not.

Whether you are doing a small extension or carrying out a large development you always want to ensure that you have a building professional team on your side that know the pit falls that can cost you time and money.

The value of having an Architect on your side cannot be overstated as they are able to support you with providing insight from the numerous project they have worked on in the past to awareness of best construction methods, how to maximise space and light which has lasting impacts on the quality of the final space you create.

Whether you are seeking planning or design under permitted development, we are here to serve you as you progress your project.


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